The GSP Raft Trip

GSP 38th Annual "Raft" Trip

It was in 1981 that a young Purdue graduate named Malcolm Slaney, first heard the music:

It induced a strange compunction to travel to the wilds of West Virginia and test his courage at white water rafting. Malcom called his friends and extolled the virtues of the beautiful countryside, the wild river, and the wonderful fun they all could have. Unbeknownst to Malcolm and his friends, they were going to experience a…


It would take many years for the group to realize the true impact of this encounter. The music, the beauty, the fun, the alcohol all merged in the minds of that first group. They spread the word. And, year after year, they returned with spouses, friends, and children in tow.

And now we come to the 38th Annual GSP Raft Trip. This will be a bittersweet visit as we mourn the loss of our friend Ray St Clair. He was a warm and welcoming person - one of the good ones and taken too soon. Don & I made a $200 donation from the slush fund to Hospice of Southern WV in the name of the GSPs. If you wish, you can make a voluntary donation to replenish that money. Any extra money over the $200 we collect will be given to Dren directly.

Dren and family are keeping the campground open, so we will gather again at Ray’s Campground in Hico, WV. This year’s encounter will take place from Sunday July 1 to Sunday July 8. We will raft on Friday, July 6.

That first group learned that they could not live on the music alone, therefore, everyone brings beer, wine, and / or various spirits from their home states to share among the group. The better to enjoy the diversity of alcoholic beverages.

The first group also found the need to temper beverage consumption with eating meals & snacks. Eventually two customs came into being. Fajita Night will be on Thursday, July 5 and the Pot Luck Dinner on Friday, July 6.

As always, firewood and ice for the group will be covered by the slush fund.

As a side note, Deb Smith has let us know that the Bill Smith Memorial GSP Beer Cooler must be replaced. She researched and found a replacement that we will purchase using slush fund money.

We are looking forward to this year’s Encounter and hope that you can join us.


# Adults: _______x $140.37 = _______
# Kids (ages 12-17): _______ x $130.84 = _______
Slush Fund
# Adults (18+): _______ x $25 = _______
Cool Gift
# Gifts: ________ x $11 = _______
Optional Memorial Contribution: _______

Please email your RSVP as soon as possible, and then mail your checks by June 1.
RSVP to:
Mail checks to:
Roberta Wegeng
3 Waterford Way
Fairport, NY 14450
Don & Roberta