The GSP Raft Trip

GSP 39th Annual "Raft" Trip

Far over Misty Mountains old. With coal mines deep. Brews Stout and Gold. We shall away ere break of day to seek good beer, both dark and cold.

The call is out to renew the Fellowship of the Pigs for the 39th annual GSP Raft Trip, June 30 -July 7th. Elves, dwarves, hobbits humans, ents, wizards, even orcs, if they behave, are welcome to come. We are once again meeting at Ray’s Camp Ground aka Ray-vendale

The sharing of food and drink, our long and cherished tradition, will continue. Tasting will occur Wednesday evening. Fajitas night will be on Thursday. Those foolish Took likeā€¦ I mean adventurous souls rafting will be on Friday. The grand gathering of the clans and sharing of meals will once again occur Saturday. Bring plenty of Beer/Cider/etc. for the cooler.

This year we will be rafting with a small independent rafting company New and Gauley River Adventures, which comes highly recommended. We hope they have the same feel as MRT and NARR back in the day. They are located on Lansing Rd just 5 minutes from Ray's so that will give rafters 30 min of extra sleep (or realistically 30 min campfire time - who are we kidding?). It would be great to have a few more rafters so please consider if you haven't been in while.



# Rafters: _______ x $103 = _______

Slush Fund

# Adults (18+): _______ x $25 = _______

Cool Gift

# Gifts: ________ x $11 = ______

Total: _______

Please email your RSVP as soon as possible, and then mail your checks by June 15.

Please email your RSVP as soon as possible, and then mail your checks by June 1.

RSVP to:

Mail checks to:

Roger Carlile

1024 Alhambra Cir

Coral Gables, FL 33134

(770) 855-0916