The GSP Raft Trip

GSP 36th Annual "Raft" Trip

Hello, My name is Princess Starlet, it's year 36, prepare to Camp! 

My Royal Subjects,

Twas a close call, but the reign of the Disorganizer has ended. The Royal Treasury was transferred to Us in time to prevent drastic measures, though We were in Baltimore and prepared to defend the honor of the GSPs. Inconceivable you say? Nay. The GSPs doth have honor. 

It it time to announce the outline of the Summer Festival. We have decreed the following:

The Royal Treasury requires your contributions. 
Cool gifts are $10 each
Slush fund is $25 per person over 18
Rafting is $129 for those 18 and older, and $119 for those 17 and younger.

These stalwart folk have declared their intent to raft:
Paul, Sue, Rita, Peter, Sean, Ryan, Eileen, Aaron, Annie, Gene, and mayhap, Ed.

The Royal Court must make the reservation by June 13th and payment must be made in full. You must officially declare your intent to raft by then as no refunds shall be forthcoming if you doth change your mind. Please send your tithe anon (that means now). Inconceivable, you say? It's not enough time you say? As your Sovereign, I know that your faithful devotion to the GSPs shall quide you in this manner.

Our history tells us that some of you may forget this part of the festival. I urge you to reconsider as that path is wrought with peril. Queen Sheba, the Royal Enforcer, will track you. There is no greater hunter than she. She will toss you into the pit of despair then return to court to sing ballads with nary a though to your discomfort.

Send a check to the Royal Treasurer, Stacy Barnett, at:
2006 NE 16th Street
Renton, WA 98056

The Royal party's travel plans are not confirmed. A Royal Wedding has delayed our departure date from the Castle; the earliest we can start the journey is noon on Sunday. Our scouts inform us that Gilder is making forays across the border. Though they increase travel time, needs must avoid those pitfalls. We hope to arrive before sunrise on Wednesday morning.

Fare thee will for now. I shall bestow my presence upon you quite soon.

Princess Starlet